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The Best Bamboo Mats or Crushed Panels

Bamboo Mats or Crushed Bamboo Panels used in the construction industry are a great source of bamboo fiber used in several bamboo structural startups.

Bamboo Mats or Crushed Bamboo Panels used in the construction industry are a great source of bamboo fiber used in several bamboo structural startups.

Bamboo crushed mats for sale

The process to obtain our bamboo mats or crushed panels is relatively similar to the strand-woven bamboo process. Our Best Bamboo selected mature Guadua poles, grown between 1000 and 1400 meters above sea level, are harvested, cleaned, and cut into strips or flattened bamboo poles. We then remove the nutrients to protect the bamboo from elements such as fungus, bacteria, insects, or mold, and finally crush and air-dry them following the guidelines of a cleaner, no-pollution, and environmentally friendly production. Heat and extreme pressure compress bamboo to half its original size, making it twice as dense and heavy. The resulting material, harder and denser than bamboo poles, creates an incredibly strong and weatherproof building material frequently used in engineered bamboo boards and beams.

Engineers, architects, building technicians, master builders, and craftsmen are increasingly using bamboo mats or crushed panels as a raw material in the construction, architecture, arts & crafts, décor, and design industries.

Click here to quote your best bamboo mats

Click here to quote your best bamboo mats

Key Features

  • Lower costs compared to other materials used in traditional construction systems
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Better thermal and acoustic conditions
  • In harmony with the environment
  • Excellent physical-mechanical properties, high degree of uniformity, flexibility, and bearing capacity provide seismic-resistant properties
  • Finished with clear acrylic for protection
  • Multiple uses varying from wall and ceiling paneling to flooring and beams
  • Perfect for both interior and exterior use
  • Can be applied with wallpaper using indoor or outdoor adhesives


Our 4-meter long and 35cm-wide sections can be available in the following presentations.
  • Rustic Mats: A rugged decorative appearance with a distinct hue made from the world’s strongest bamboo.
  • Polished Mats: Cut lengthwise, brushed at nods, final finishing consisting of linseed and turpentine oil layering.
  • Panels for construction of plant nurseries, stables, and the like.


Wall Panels

Our crushed bamboo can be used as wall coverings, panels, and as wall support systems offering a less expensive solution than CHB, brick, or even drywall. This super-strong raw material translates into earthquake-resistant, fire-retardant, and waterproof walls offering outstanding thermal and acoustic conditions.

Ceiling Panels

Walls, ceiling, and floor panels for indoor and outdoor tropical architecture and designs, which can be painted or stained to add color or a rustic look to any design.


Our versatile bamboo mats or crushed panels can also be used in flooring either with a natural or sanded finish, guaranteeing a solid and resistant material.

Beams and Timbers

Our crushed bamboo beams and timbers offer outstanding mechanical properties with a tensile strength exceeding steel, making them an excellent choice as strong load-bearing structures.

Furniture and Arts & Crafts:

Artists and designers can let their imagination run free with the beautiful aesthetic and varying hues, contrasts, and colors of our bamboo mats and crushed panels offering an avant-garde look!

Bamboo Mats

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Bamboo mats


Bamboo Mats or Crushed Bamboo Panels are used in the construction industry and a great source of bamboo fiber used in several bamboo structural startups.

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