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Solid Bamboo Flooring: A versatile and green alternative to hardwood flooring

May 20, 2022

The Best Bamboo® – bamboo flooring: A versatile and green alternative to hardwood flooring

Interested in installing versatile, eco-friendly, and durable hardwood flooring for bedrooms, hallways, or even commercial spaces? now, in addition to bamboo poles, bamboo lumber, bamboo planks, bamboo strips, and fencing, we at the best bamboo® have a wide variety of solid bamboo flooring to meet all your needs!

The Best Bamboo Residential Flooring

Bamboo is increasingly used as a construction and design material due to its versatility, duration, and environmentally friendly nature. It is commonly seen in outdoor spaces, but with our new solid bamboo flooring, you can enjoy a distinct alternative that offers the perfect balance between durability and aesthetic.

Made of a unique tropical running species of bamboo found in Colombia, solid vertical bamboo flooring is made from bamboo strips (bamboo splits) compressed together with export grade approved adhesives to form extremely strong bamboo planks – even harder than Oak – which can be installed floating over or fixed to a previously prepared subfloor, being compatible with under-floor heating.

A very dimensionally stable option, vertical bamboo flooring can be installed in rooms and spaces with fluctuating humidity and temperature because the floor expands and contracts to withstand climate changes. Rooms, hallways, living rooms, and even kitchens and commercial high-traffic areas can look more sophisticated thanks to the wide varieties of styles, colors, and finishes offered by our bamboo flooring, not to mention that this type of floor is easy to clean and maintain, and a highly hygienic and outstanding option to prevent allergies: being a grass, bamboo performs somewhat better than woods in repelling moisture and mold growth.

Keep in mind that wet spaces, like bathrooms are not ideal environments for bamboo flooring, because although water-resistant, it is not a waterproof material. For cleaning, just use dust mops, brooms, or well wrung-out mops with flooring cleaning agents – avoid wet mops!

All of these features make bamboo hardwood flooring environmentally friendlier, less expensive, and more durable than hardware flooring: if appropriately maintained, your solid bamboo flooring can last up to 30 years!