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Bamboo Slats

The Best Bamboo slats add style and sophistication to rooms and business spaces.

The Best Bamboo slats add style and sophistication to rooms and business spaces.

The Best Bamboo Slats

Created from the best bamboo poles, they enhance the appearance of any home or restaurant by giving a warm and earthy look and feel. Our bamboo slats are 4.5 cm wide by 240 cm long, straight cut and with a planed back that makes them easy to handle. All our bamboo slats are made from our Best Structural Bamboo: Colombian Guadua. Inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, the best bamboo slats come in several different finishes and can be matched up to your furniture.

The Best Bamboo Slats can be cut to size and installed in one afternoon with a minimal amount of tools. Simply use screws or a nail gun to secure the bamboo slats into place. 

Guadua Bamboo Slat Specifications

  • Common Name: Bamboo Slat / Bamboo Strip
  • Bamboo Species: Guadua Angustifolia
  • Color: Natural
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Lengths: 1 m – 2.44 m
  • Thickness: ± 9 mm
  • Machining: Double Blade straight cut and planed back
  • Weight: Vary depending on length of the best bamboo slat ± 400 gr / slat

Click here to quote your best bamboo slats

Click here to quote your best bamboo slats

Thermally Treated Slat Specifications

  • Common Name: Bamboo Splits

  • Bamboo Species: Guadua Angustifolia

  • Color: Light Caramel

  • Width: ±25-27 mm

  • Lengths: 100 cm – 220 cm

  • Thickness: ± 6-8 mm

  • Machining: Calibrated with a 4 side planer

  • Weight: Vary depending on length of the best bamboo split ± 400 gr / slat

  • Packing: 35 pieces / Bundle

  • Origin: Colombia

Bamboo slats can be used virtually everywhere. Your pool house or tiki bar will never be the same! Create a functional and charming place for you to entertain guests. After a long day at work, you will feel good to walk into your home and see how beautiful your new bamboo wall slats look. A few paintings and knick knacks can be added to the room to bring out its naturally exotic appeal.

No home improvement project is complete without the addition of the best bamboo slats. A smart and sturdy choice: they are affordable yet seem expensive. Bamboo slats can instantaneously change a setting improving the look of your home. The other plus to installing bamboo slats lies in their durability and lack of continuous upkeep. You don’t have to do much to keep this beautiful, natural product looking its best throughout the years.

You don’t have to be a professional to take simple steps to increase the value of your home or yard. Purchasing a few key items will help enhance the beauty of your living space. Bamboo is the type of product that looks expensive but rarely is. Adding this amazing item to your home takes very little time and money and makes it look better than it did before.

Working with The Best Bamboo Slats:

Bamboo slats are commonly used to cover surfaces and for first time bamboo users, this is the perfect way to start! With bamboo slats, your imagination is the limit to create beautiful and natural indoor & outdoor installations.

The first and more important step is to determine where you want to install the bamboo slats and what is the area in mention. It is important to note that the best bamboo slats can be placed vertically, diagonally or horizontally to make any pattern that you envision.

The best bamboo slats are secured using a proper wood adhesive, screws or nails. This really depends on the type of surface you wish to cover. If you are going to use screws, its best to pre-drill the bamboo slat to avoid splits or cracks.

Important features of our bamboo slats:

Bamboo slats come from a natural material so different color tones are normal; this can actually give a great Guadua Bamboo look and feel.

Bamboo comes in different sizes, so distances between nodes may vary.

Outdoor elements are always a bit of trouble for any type of wood/bamboo that is not properly UV protected. If your installation is in contact with water & sun, we do recommend covering it at least once a year with wood surface treatment products.

All our bamboo slats are perfectly straight. They are cut with a double blade saw and planed in the back for easy bamboo installations.

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