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Are Green Buildings less expensive than traditional buildings?

February 9, 2022

Proyecto Guardianes Playa del Carmen – Diseño y construcción by Arquitectura Mixta

Are Green Buildings less expensive than traditional buildings?

The growing positioning of green buildings and sustainable architecture is one of the results of the energy crisis and climate change. Experts and construction groups are often debating which method is cheaper between constructions made with natural materials like Bamboo or those with traditional materials such as cement. At The Best Bamboo, we will address this question.

Talking about construction using ecological materials implicitly addresses green building. This method includes several environmental and social requirements for the future of construction and it will set the path in the coming years (The Sustainabilist).

Keep in mind that wet spaces, like bathrooms are not ideal environments for bamboo flooring, because although water-resistant, it is not a waterproof material. For cleaning, just use dust mops, brooms, or well wrung-out mops with flooring cleaning agents – avoid wet mops!

Why is the world speaking about Green Buildings?

As mentioned before, one of the challenges that society is now facing due to the current situation is environmental care analyzed from different perspectives, including construction. It is estimated that in the next decades, constructions similar to the size of New York City will be built every day. And, given that the urban population is currently producing 40% of the global carbon footprint, infrastructure solutions are increasingly evident and urgent (Redshift).

In response to the climate damage caused by the traditional construction methods and materials, the industry is progressively requiring the inclusion of green construction and sustainable architecture elements.

The Arc at Green School by IBUKU

Benefits of Green Buildings

Green building’s main objective is to reduce the environmental impact of traditional construction methods and materials. The following are some of its benefits:

Greenhouse emission reduction

When choosing materials for Green Building, experts consider their carbon footprint, and, therefore, natural materials like Bamboo are preferred (NCBI). Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used in different ways, including bamboo poles, bamboo splits / bamboo

slats, planks, and other structural elements. Also, it absorbs 5 to 10 times more CO2 than other types of wood. (The Third Pole)

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Versatility in sizes and spaces

Green Building projects can be done regardless of their size thanks to the versatility of the materials used (i.e., soil, stones, or wood such as bamboo poles ).

Resources optimization

Contrary to traditional construction, Green Building considers resources optimization from different fronts, including designs based on the cutting-edge energy management systems, reuse and optimization of water consumption during construction and subsequent use of the space, and higher savings in investment and maintenance of buildings (The Sustainabilist).

Lower costs

Green Building projects require lower investments; savings are mainly reported in the use of natural materials, smart energy and water consumption during project execution, and lower use of heavy machinery. Also, energy efficiency drives a reduced consumption of energy resources in the maintenance and use stages.

The ideal product for Green Building

Materials used for green constructions can have a significant impact on environmental preservation and provide savings for construction projects. These include stones, soil, adobe, cob, and wood, as the leading input.

Wood is recyclable and CO2 neutral. Construction systems worldwide have traditionally used wood as the main material, and among the different types of wood used in construction, Bamboo stands out.

Bamboo lumber can turn into columns, planks, panels, and other structural elements giving a unique appearance to each project. This is a versatile and easy and fast-growing material that can be shaped to the weather conditions of almost any location and helps the environment thanks to its CO2 absorption.

Laminated Bamboo Lumber by The Best Bamboo

If you are thinking of a project that requires the use of Bamboo, The Best Bamboo has different product lines that fit your needs.

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